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The baby gates page originally ranked below 300th position on Google. In practical terms, the page didn't exist because no one is going to read through 30 or more pages of search results to find it.

After incorporating the suggested words and phrases, the page jumped from the depths of obscurity to the ninth position, the first page of results, on Google. Digger Keywords was used for similar pages about baby swings and baby monitors and their improvements are shown in the table below along with the baby gates results.

"best baby gates"Lower than 3009thhttp://hubpages.com/hub/Baby-Gates3,233%
"best baby swings"Lower than 30010thhttp://hubpages.com/hub/The-Perfect-Baby-Swing2,900%
"best baby monitor"Lower than 30020thhttp://hubpages.com/hub/Best-Baby-Monitors-Top-Wireless-and-Video-Baby-Monitors1,400%

Of course, the exact position of a page in search results varies from day to day. However, the baby gates page consistently ranks high now whereas it was consistently ranking very low before using Digger Keywords recommendations.

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1 Position in Google search results on February 15, 2008.


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